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Daily 20 June
Posted 6/1/20

The Daily 20: June

Dear Mattos Eagles,

Thank you for your participation in physical education online distance learning for these past two months.  We have made it to the final home stretch in June.  For this final week and the half of the school year, please continue with our daily warm-ups below to begin the first 10 minutes of the Daily 20.  

For the next half, I listed some links below to activities that you can try out at home.  Please select the activities that you feel is best for you and your family.  Remember, you may even use different physical activities of your choosing for the 2nd half of Daily 20.  Stay safe and healthy Mattos Eagles!


Mr. Sarte, P.E. Specialist

1st Half Warm-Up Exercises/Cool-down Stretches
20 reps each for exercises unless noted:
-High Knees
-Heel Kickers
-Jumping Jacks
-Calf Raises and Arm Presses
-Mountain Climbers (only grades 1-3)
-Push-ups (30 seconds, only for grades 4-5)
-Sit-ups (x10, only grades 4-5)

20 sec. hold each for stretch:
-Shoulder stretch (Right and left arm, 15 sec. hold each)
-Triceps stretch (Right and left arm, 15 sec. hold each)
-Sit and reach


2nd Half Activity Ideas for June Week 1


Skill Challenges:
Overhand + Underhand Throw Challenge - P.E. at Home – YouTube (3:19)
Underhand Towel Fold Target Challenge - P.E. at Home – YouTube (3:55)


Git Up - Brain Booster - Power Up for 30 (5:08)
The Sid Shuffle - Ice Age: Continental Drift - YouTube (3:25)


Sport Yoga –  Active Yoga for Kids Ages 3+ (Kick It) - YouTube (3:27)
The Sun Dance Kids Yoga/Music Video by Bari Koral Family Rock Band - YouTube (4:29) Making Wishes – 
 Cosmic Kids Yoga – YouTube (30:04)


Chair Exercises - Brain Booster - Power Up for 30 (9:44) Chair Exercises 2 - Brain Booster - Power 
Up for 30 (7:44) Mirror Drill - Brain Booster - Power Up for 30 (2:26)