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Prinicpal Message May 20, 2020
Posted 5/20/20

Principal’s Message


May 20, 2020


Dear Mattos Families,


We are continuing to do Limited Access Wednesdays from 9-12 at Mattos however please be aware that this is only to support the on-going community needs of serving students and teachers through materials distributions. Please do not come to the site unless you were contacted to do so or requested assistance. We want to help all community members but we are also trying to protect people and support them in sheltering in place.


Please let me know if I can support you more during this difficult time. You can contact me if I can be of service to you or your child. I can be reached by phone at 510-793-1359 ext. 65102 or by email at


As we continue with distance learning our district is working hard with the FUSD Task Force to finalize procedures for closing school. They will be giving us guidelines for collecting library books, picking up medications, and returning laptops. Although we asked people to return library books if they were picking up materials I recently found out we are still being asked to hold off. When the Task Force determines how they want this done they will share it with sites and I will be able to send out notices regarding books, computers and medications. Thank you for your understanding as information is constantly changing. I appreciate your patience.


Community members have been contacting me to share ideas about what school might look like when we return. I appreciate your thoughtful and insightful suggestions and I have passed them on to those in charge of our district as the Task Force is focusing on how to close school and also how to open it next year.


Teachers will continue to provide distance learning for the rest of the year. Although report cards will look different in that they will not have grades they will provide information for parents and will be available through Parent Portal. You should have received a communication from FUSD regarding the Parent Portal which is being used for parents to view grades at the end of the year  and class assignments next year when we do our on line MAZE Day. If you have any questions regarding Parent Portal or need your access code please contact Elizabeth Whalley at


Thank you for continuing to work hard with our wonderful students. As parent teachers and educational collaborators your efforts are much appreciated.






Susan Guerrero