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Principal Message March, 25, 2020
Posted 3/25/20

Principal’s Message

March 25, 2020


Dear Mattos Families,


I appreciate the positive attitude of our students, staff and community members who have been working from home during the recent school closure which today was extended to May 1, 2020. Thank you for understanding that just as you and your families are facing the stress of our current situation Mattos School Team Members are as well. Our school is extremely special in that it is a community school with a generational population where sometimes parents and grandparents went to Mattos or worked at Mattos. Many of our teachers are members of the community who live in close proximity to the school or they have been at Mattos in some cases for decades.

We are a family of learners that includes students, parents, and educators. Right now is the time for everyone to learn patience and practice empathy as everyone is working to make sure children and families have instruction in place, access to support, and the ability to care for themselves as well as others. Whether you are at home supporting your student’s distance learning or working from home and supporting your student(s), I know you are working hard.

 I want to encourage you to pace yourself and remember to pause, take breaks, go for a walk or bike ride, and simply spend time together as a family. Please also remember teachers are also supporting their own children, elderly parents, or others while working from home and providing instruction. Please understand teachers and specialists will absolutely respond to inquiries but may not be able to do so immediately. I appreciate that you can understand this.

Teachers have been asked to provide instruction and support during regular school hours which are 8:25-2:40. This does not mean there will be on line or video classes for that entire time. You will see a variety of formats utilizing apps, computer programs, Zoom or other distance learning programs for classes. Students will have some work that is assigned using their books and workbooks, packets, and projects among other things.

There will be other times when teachers are available through email and other means to do questions and answers, provide assistance or communicate concerning issues that come up. Please respect that teachers will need to schedule times to do this as they are doing a tremendous amount of planning, meeting virtually to plan, and sometimes taping classes or preparing materials and lesson. If everyone can empathize that we are all doing our best we can continue to focus on the positive. This is extremely important for children who take their cue from the adults in their life. We want to keep students focused on proactive and positive learning as it will not only help them reach standards for their grade level it will provide them with some normalcy during this time.

At home, please try to minimize negative news exposure. Speak frankly but carefully to children in a manner appropriate to their age as anxiety can be heightened through media exposure, images, and adult conversations concerning the Corona Virus. This is especially true for families that have essential workers in their family. Please care for yourselves, reassure children, and try to assist students with their learning.

Today FUSD staff was granted access to the school sites to gather more materials for lesson planning purposes.  At Mattos our office contacted families that missed picking up work packets and arranged for pick up and/or mailing of work and report cards that had been left. We also distributed Chrome Books for families that had no computer to access lessons. We do not have the capability to provide extra computers for families but we were able to provide a computer when students did not have any access.







I appreciate the hard work that everyone is doing and would like to remind everyone that working together will make us stronger and better. It’s like the story of “Stone Soup,” where everyone puts in their best ingredients to create first soup and then a feast.

If you want to literally create some comfort while nourishing your family you may want to actually make soup with your kids. Cooking together isn’t just fun it allows students to follow directions, measure ingredients, follow procedures, and actually create something delicious with you. It is also a great way to get some help in the kitchen. You may want to extend that to assigning students jobs as it teaches responsibility, resilience, and fosters good character habits. I know you are at home working hard and there’s no reason you can’t ask children to also support you by helping out.

Please know I am checking my phone and email daily and working to respond to inquiries as soon as possible. I am talking with parents and checking in on students and as always I welcome parents to reach out to me by phone on my direct line (510) 793-1359 ext. 65102 which I can access remotely or through my email:

Please remember to check the FUSD and Mattos Websites regularly. We are working to update sites as soon as there is new community information to share. I will regularly, as a practice, provide updates each Wednesday. Thank you for being our partners in education. Please remember I am here to support you and hope you won’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance.



Susan Guerrero