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January Mattos Newsletter 2020
Posted 12/20/19

Dear Mattos Parents and Community Members,
Have a Happy Holiday Season! With the Winter Break beginning my hope for you is that you have quality time with family and friends. Enjoy having your children out of school and make sure to be safe and stay healthy. I am looking forward to seeing my beautiful grandchildren over the holidays. I can’t believe I’ve had five grandchildren in the time I’ve been at Mattos. These include Alana, 4, the twins Aurora and Brielle 2, Carter 3, and Owen 7 months. I’ll be leaving today to visit the boys in Seaside, Ca and then next week I’ll be going to Alaska to see my little girls. A fun fact, I’ll be in Alaska just after the Winter Solstice which is the longest night of the year with 21 hours of darkness. I usually visit at the Summer Solstice which is 21 hours of daylight. At least the bears will be sleeping!
I want to thank our community for coming out to celebrate the 60th anniversary of our school recently. It was wonderful to see generations of Mattos students and staff. It was also a treat to see the 3rd grade led by Mr. Sherrod singing an original song about Mattos and the fourth grade led by Ms. Keller performing Mattos skits. We have talented teachers and students.
When we return to school on January 6, 2020, we will be beginning to set up early literacy interventions and math facts interventions as we’ve identified these as high impact areas where we need to support students. These will take place before and/or after school with teacher identifying the students who need extra assistance. We have also ordered IXL a computer program that can be used at home and at school. Parents were instrumental in recommending the program and our School Site Council took their input and voted to get a school license that supports math, English language arts, social studies, and science.
Thank you to our concerned and caring parents and staff who serve on our English Language Acquisition Committee and our School Site Council. Thank you also for our amazing PTA. Please know that you can also be involved even if you are not serving on the committees or as officers on PTA. All our fantastic support organizations always need volunteers and anyone can volunteer one time or many times depending on their schedules.
Thank you also to the volunteers in classrooms! There are so many moms and dads and even grandparents volunteering in classrooms and making our school even more special than it is. You are deeply appreciated as are our talented and dedicated Science Docents. I am constantly amazed at how much our community gives to our school. You share your beautiful children, your time and talents, your thoughts and ideas. I appreciate it and so does our team.
As 2019 ends I’m proud that our Mattos Team implemented inclusion throughout the school. Students seem to be thriving and the energy they have is infectious. We all look forward to 2020 being an even better year where we will continue to collaborate with our community, build our programs at Mattos, and make even more positive connections.
Happy Holidays everyone. Enjoy!
Susan Guerrero
Mattos Principal

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